Regardless if you have been utilizing your AC in winter or not, it would always be a good idea to provide it a checkup and maintenance to make sure that it’s prepared to operate before the summer season kicks in. For that, this article aims to give you a few easy tricks and tips that you need to do to guarantee that your AC units will be summer-proof and prepared.

Prepare your home  

As you adjust the louvers, clean the filters, and change the settings, you also need to make some changes to your home so that you can maintain the coolness that your unit gives you this summer. Make sure to close all blinds during the daytime to obstruct sunlight that will heat your house. Also, remove your area rugs to help maintain a reduced ambient temperature.   

Change the temperature and mode.  

Though it may appear to be a basic step, switch your AC unit to cooling mode. And once summer finally arrives, you easily set and forget the timers of your AC to maintain a cool room as much as possible while the temperature increases.   

Make sure the areas around your outdoor AC system and its filters are clean.  

Your AC unit’s filters are a crucial part since they trap airborne particles and dust present within your houses. But, to make sure that they are efficiently functioning, they need to get some TLC that they deserve from you. You can do so by just washing them once per season.   

Apart from making sure that the filters are clean, it’s vital to inspect the areas surrounding the outdoor AC system for any stray debris, grass, or leaves that might have accumulated throughout the windier winter seasons. Any stray items could potentially obstruct the airflow, causing your AC system to run less effectively. Perform a brief inspection to guarantee that it is tidy and clean surrounding your outdoor unit.   

Book for a professional HVAC service  

Though you can do a lot of things to make sure that your AC is effectively running every season, it’s still highly recommended that you should have your unit professionally serviced at least once a year. Or you may also get an HVAC service North Port that can be done by HVAC specialists who can check your units thoroughly and clean all parts of your unit and perform any adjustments needed.   

Redirect the louvers  

There will be a greater possibility that the louvers will be directed downwards in the winter season when you’ve been utilizing your split system. That’s because hot air tends to rise and to position, your louvers downwards guarantee great air circulation in winter. But cool air also plummets, so you should redirect the louvers to the ceiling. This way, the cool air will be evenly circulated throughout the room as the cool air falls. With extra features that help distribute the airflow evenly, you will be guaranteed to get a cool and nice room every time you run your unit.