In this article, we’ll investigate 2 different methods—oil and tincture—to help everyone know which one will be ideal for them and the reasons why. Keep on reading if you want to know more of this: 

CBD Oil 

This oil is manufactured by pulling out the hemp plant’s oil from its stalks, flowers, and seeds through an extraction procedure. Among all types of CBD forms, the most expensive and potent one is the CBD oil. Aside from CBD, once is also infused with essential nutrients, vitamins, protein, and fatty acids. To achieve a more natural consumption, people are starting to integrated CBD in their drink recipes and food. 

CBD Tincture 

The term “tincture” indicates any medication that’s concealed in alcohol arrangement. Even if it’s derived from the marijuana hemp plant, which is similar to CBD oil, know that they are still different. 

CBD is stirred up with under 60 to 70 percent distilled alcohol. Inevitably, such tinctures are liquid forms of hemp extracts that are mixed with a combination of peppermint oil/cinnamon, glycerin, or alcohol. One can take tinctures just how CBD oil is consumed—sublingually. Not like CBD oil, tinctures have low CBD potency. Tinctures dosage differs from one user to another and they usually tend to have a long shelf life. 

Ingredients of CBD tincture 

Tincture’s CBD ratio is less than CBD oil. It’s basically because other substances are added to improve flavor. Some of these ingredients include: 

  • Essential oils like lavender, basil, etc. 
  • Sweeteners 
  • Melatonin 
  • Herbs 
  • Water 
  • Essential vitamins like B12, C, D, and more. 

What makes tinctures and oil different? 

Shelf life 

Tinctures provide a longer shelf life in comparison to CBD oil since the former is made of isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, which serves as a preservative agent. One can detect an expired CBD oil once its oil starts to look foggy or cloudy. If you plan to prolong any CBD products you have, make sure to not expose them from direct sun contact. Or you can contact the CBD experts for more tips like this.  


Any CBD product’s price is dependent on several factors like its extraction method, potency, strength, and more. Nowadays, 500 ml CBD tincture and oil’s costs are almost similar. But, most of the time, high-end CBD oil is way more costly compared to tincture.  


Unlike white label CBD tinctures, CBD oil potentially gives off a bad taste, especially if it’s orally taken. It can result in an oily after taste, which can be accessible in various flavors like vanilla, peach, chocolate, etc. Moreover, it can immediately be absorbed once sublingually taken. 

Ingestion method 

CBD oil is ingestible through the vaping method, while tincture can simply be ingested through integrating it in food since it has an alcohol base.  


CBD oil has CBD as an oil base or carrier. Meanwhile, CBD tincture is alcohol-based. No matter what their base is, both copy similar healing properties. They are most commonly utilized to relieve anxiety, stress, inflammation, and more.