If you want to invest something for yourself then one of them could be the process of learning new things like the Chinese Ving Tsun Washington DC or the Kung Fu where you can help yourself to be a good one and be physically fit and ready for anything that may happen to you. But you need to understand first that this is not always about fighting but giving yourself to develop the sense of discipline and knowing the different rules about this one so that you can master some great skills not only physical manner but also with the emotional and intellectual aspect of yourself. One thing that you need to prepare here is yourself especially that this won’t take one day or two days only but for a lifetime as since you need to practice this one from time to time in order for your stamina to retain and avoid forgetting the rules and the right ways to do it.  

If your point is learning the simplest nature of Kung Fu, then that won’t be a problem but you need to remember that learning it through a book or online is totally different from the real class. If you want to apply what you have learned, then you need to get a good coach to train you about this one and they could help you to improve even better not only when it comes to the right and basic aspects of this one but in order for you to have the great strength and points in using this kind of skill. Some may think that this one is an expensive kind of thing to learn but this is not true as you could always start from the very scratch of it and be familiar with the different terms and techniques of the said activity.  

You can do the basic movement in your own house but make sure that you know the very simple one before practicing and you can use the mirror to know if you are doing the right one or not. Make sure that you are going to do this one to a place that has a lot of space or else you will break your appliances and furniture in the living room or in your own bedroom. It is nice as well that you will do some warm ups so that you can prepare your muscles about the Kung Fu techniques and you can include here the running activity or the jumping jacks which is very common to be seen.  

There are some things that you need to learn like the fighting stance and this is not going to be very easy since you are doing this one alone and no one would be there to pretend but you can still make this one possible by looking at the mirror. Kicking is also part of this one so better learn the proper ways to kick and punching by using the punching bag or you could find a trainer.